Always Cry For Love, Never Cry for Pain…

Those who have known me long enough (hell, some of you who have only known me for a few months)… know of my Prince obsession. For those familiar with autism terminology… he’s one of my longtime special interests.

Music has quite literally saved my life time and time again. It continues to be the one thing to consistently keep me going. It’s the only source of stability in my life. Bowie was one of my greats. One of a handful of immortals who shaped my soul. Prince was another. While I may not have known these men, they have thrown me immeasurable life preservers, just by existing and creating.

Electric word, life…
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time

To lose both of these enormous entities, mere months from each other, for me… it’s like ripping off my left arm, throwing me off a boat into the ocean, and telling me, “Hey, shore is only two miles that way… you can do it!”

Sure, I probably could. But do I want to?

What is the world without David Bowie? I’ve been trying to adjust to that. To ask me, what is the world without Prince?

Nope. Can’t do it. Can’t process this. Not one bit.