Autism Speaks Does Not Speak For Me

This chart is not the main reason I ask you to stop supporting Autism Speaks, but it’s a pretty big one.

And those science grants/awards? A large portion of them go toward eugenics studies. As in… how to prevent people like me from being born in the future.

This is the view Autism Speaks takes: I am part of an national health “crisis”, an emergency; I bankrupted my family and caused my mom’s divorce; I am locked in my own world and not a whole person; I cause my family to struggle through every waking moment and they are “not living” but merely “existing”; I have caused my family “despair” and to be in “fear of the future”. These are all things Autism Speaks says about me… and your children.

Suzanne Wright (an AS co-founder) wrote a “Call to Action” in November 2013. There was a slew of comments on the page, until recently, contradicting everything stated. So what did Autism Speaks do? Removed the comments, further silencing us, as usual. Luckily, the internet is forever, so you can read the comments here.

Yeah, go ahead and “Light it Up Blue” and plaster puzzle pieces all over the place.

But when you do? You’re actively telling the world you think my life doesn’t matter, I’m subhuman, and I don’t deserve supports or services. And don’t be surprised when I have a difficult time believing that you’re someone who wants to be an ally and who supports autism acceptance.