Consent is Crucial

Consent is so enormously important. I have such little control over most things in my life that I relish every little bit over which I do have control. When someone removes my ability to make decisions for myself, it feels like a major violation of my very existence… deeper than many people likely feel in those situations, due to autonomy being something so precious to me and something many take for granted.

“With her head inside one of the tubes and only her feet visible beneath the structure, it would have made for an awesome picture. So I asked, as I always do, if it would be okay for me to take a photo. She said no so I set my phone down. The young woman helping us said, ‘That’s why you don’t ask, Mom. You gotta just sneak it!’

‘My daughter is autistic,’ I said, trying to sound lighter than I felt. ‘I don’t ever sneak anything with her. It’s so important that she know she can trust me.'”

Diary of a Mom