How is This Awareness?

Someone please explain to me exactly what this teaches you about autism and how to better assist autistic children… or adults for that matter?

I’ll wait…

Oh… nothing?

This is why I despise awareness campaigns. Found this on some page called Firefighters vs Autism. They have an entire calendar like this. Half-naked fit guys wearing puzzle-adorned helmets.

What exactly are they versus, with regard to autism? Shouldn’t they be firefighters in support of autistic individuals? I mean… they ARE first responders, after all. They’re there to support and render assistance, correct? Why are they against us? And what’s with the goofy puzzle pieces? Can we please stop that already?

If you want to make people AWARE… teach them something. Educate them. Don’t strip down and sell calendars full of eye candy (well, not for me… I like my guys chubby and bearded, thanks) just to raise money for your organization, which is disrespectfully named in the first place.