How NOT to Spread Awareness

How NOT to do “autism awareness”:

“Autism is now 1 in 45 in the US. The problem isn’t awareness. The problem is acceptance and lack of prevention. And how will someone with permanent brain injury, self-injurious behavior, leaky gut or completely non-verbal rule the galaxy?”

Do I really need to list all the things wrong with this comment?

1. Autism is estimated to be diagnosed for 1 in 45 children in the US, because we understand more about it and diagnostics criteria has loosened. “Awareness” means that more people are looking for the traits. These numbers are also based on white, eight year old males. If you were to add in adults, people of color, females… the number would grow higher. OMG WE’RE AN EPIDEMIC OF NEURODIVERGENCE!

Cry more, adults who have no idea what the hell autism even is. Your tears cure me. JUST KIDDING.

2. Lack of prevention? The only way to do that is eugenics. Eugenics, as in selective breeding in order to wipe out or promote genetic characteristics… such as being autistic. Eugenics… which Germany promoted back in the early 20th century during a certain period of time when Germany was known for less-than-stellar activities (aka crimes against humanity).

3. Permanent brain injury? We’re not brain-injured.

4. Self-injury? Maybe if you weren’t such a disrespectful jerk when speaking about your kids, they wouldn’t self-injure. Change your behavior and they’ll probably change theirs. Odd how that works.

5. Leaky gut? GTFO with your pseudoscience nonsense.

6. You don’t need to speak to rule the galaxy. My cats don’t speak and they’re in charge of my entire house. I’m partially non-verbal and I’ve held upper-level management positions in large corporations. So…. yeah, about that.

You’re doing acceptance wrong if that’s the sort of ridiculousness you’re going to lay down. That’s the same old negative blahblahblah martyr parents have been trotting out for years. Knock it off.

And if you’re so inclined, you can tell the person who inspired this post what you think here (I am now banned from the page and my comments have been removed).

P.S. Yes, I reported that horrible shirt to Disney for copyright infringement, because as an autistic Star Wars fan, it disgusts me.