Stuck With Illusion Now, I Drown in Your Sea

Currently listening to the new Deftones album in full, for the second time. It’s probably gonna take a while to grow on me, just as the previous album did.
It’s definitely a departure from where they were going with “Diamond Eyes” and “Koi No Yokan” (the last two albums), going back to more rock and less ethereal influence… but I’ll take it. Especially since it’s been four years since “Koi” was released. I’m a little more angry and a little less zen than I was in 2010 and 2012, so this works for me right now. 

I needed this. So much.

Tomorrow, I will be waking up early to make my way to Amoeba Records, in Hollywood… to purchase two copies of the new CD (even though I pre-ordered the vinyl and already received the digital download). This will get me two guaranteed spots to see them perform live at Amoeba, on Monday evening. I also have “priority” passes to see them perform for Jimmy Kimmel Live, on Tuesday afternoon (to be aired that night on television… so look for the brightly-colored pigtails!). And today, as a birthday present to myself, I purchased two tickets to see them perform at the Greek Theatre in August. I scored really great seats.

Sorry not sorry for Deftones talk. They’re my most reliable life preserver. And like I said, I needed this. More than usual.