OUTSIDE READING: I Will Not ‘Light It Up Blue’

With April rapidly approaching, I remind you – once again – to please NOT participate in “Autism Awareness Month” but rather… Autism ACCEPTANCE Month. No lighting it up blue, no puzzle pieces, no negative rhetoric about how autistic people aren’t whole/are missing or are ruining the lives of those around them.

I’m not missing, I am whole, and I try to do my best to enhance the lives of those around me. I am not mysterious, I’m not broken, I don’t need fixing. Autism isn’t a disease; it’s a filter through which I experience life… differently. Yes, I have my struggles. Who doesn’t? We’re all different. I’m just different in a different way. Accept this and learn from it.

That’s all I need. Not walks, not a cure, not fundraising (I mean, unless you want to help me with paying for my therapies and living expenses)… just accept me for who I am. Thank you.

“There are heaps of ‘Autism Awareness’ going around. It’s what causes students at my kids school to ‘joke’ and ‘tease’ by saying things like…. ‘don’t do that, it makes you look Autistic.’

No. My kids don’t need #AutismAwareness — they need #AutismAcceptance.

Acceptance is different than awareness. Acceptance means that everyone is worthwhile, no one’s neurology is made fun of, and everyone gets the support they need without having to fight legislators to provide it.

This April I’ll be advocating for Acceptance. I won’t be supporting the Autism Speaks driven light it up blue campaign that raises money to research to find a cure.”

– I Will Not ‘Light It Up Blue’