On Red Flag Words/Phrases…

The following words/phrases/actions will send up a red flag to me, if you use them in a comment:

  • functional labels (severe/mild autism, etc.)
  • pro-ABA therapy
  • insisting on person-first language
  • claiming autistic individuals lack empathy
  • saying an autistic person has the mind of a child/infantilization
  • referring to autism as an epidemic or similar
  • anti-vaccination rhetoric
  • using the phrase “big pharma”
  • discussing of “gut” problems
  • promoting the importance of “awareness” over acceptance
  • calling yourself/your child an “aspie” or flaunting “Asperger’s” over being autistic
  • using the puzzle piece motif and/or a blue lightbulb in your user picture
  • referring to yourself as a warrior mom/autism mom
  • discussing the need for a “cure”
  • telling someone to walk in your shoes
  • denying an autistic person their right to be angry
  • telling an autistic person they’re being disrespectful, rather than focusing on the message being conveyed
  • refusing to read resources/links given
  • putting Temple Grandin on a pedestal
  • “not like my child”
  • “you type/talk, can’t be autistic”
  • accusations of my being too functional to count
  • Autism Speaks (A$)
  • Age of Autism (AoA)
  • Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)
  • Autism Daddy

…I will likely add to this list in time.