Radio Silence…

I know I’ve been unusually quiet lately and I apologize. There is a lot going on in my life and I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it. Bronchitis turning into pneumonia, resulting in a hospital trip probably didn’t help matters much.
There will be more posts coming soon, as I have a lot to say… a lot to get out of my system. I think I’ve been coming to terms with being more open on here and the impact that may have on my life. The last several years have been very demanding for me, in terms of both mental & physical energy and fortitude in general; the last two years especially.
And I believe I’m at the point where I have reached a rather important crossroad on my life’s path. About a year ago, I realized I would be approaching it, but it may be time to finally make a decision on which route my path will continue upon. There’s a lot to consider and I’m not taking any of the considerations lightly.
I’ll be thirty-five in April and it’s been weighing on me pretty heavily. My biological father died when he was thirty-five, from pancreatitis, likely due to his predilection for substance abuse. At this point next year, I will be older than one of my parents ever was. That’s a rather sobering thought… literally and figuratively. His alcoholism is one of the reasons I caught myself going along the same path in my 20s and dialed back the self-regulation through substance abuse, myself. Luckily, I’m apparently stronger willed than he was.
However, the obstacles I’ve been traversing over the last couple years have set up a less than optimal path for me. I’ve had to reroute multiple times and it’s getting increasingly frustrating. At this point, I just want my stability back (which I fought rather hard for), rather than the constantly wondering what I’ll be doing in a month or six. One of the things I’m wrapping my head around is the people in my life and where I stand with them… and where they stand with me. It’s not a simple task.
So, what I’m getting at is… please bear with me. I will likely start writing about my thought processes regarding certain aspects of this choosing of paths. However, I do need to maintain some semblance of privacy out of respect for the people in my life. If you’ve read my posts, you know I’m a huge proponent for respecting individual privacy. And that won’t change.
More posts soon. Promise.
In the meantime, I’m likely going to set up a Periscope account, to chat with people and answer questions. If you have a Periscope account, feel free to comment with your username (or message it to me) and I’ll add you once it’s set up!