Roald Dahl on Vaccines

Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors, with “The BFG” being my favorite chapter book for kids (amongst his many other works; even his writing for adults is superb). I’ve known this information about his daughter, Olivia, for as long as I can remember (I tend to read up on the background of my favorite authors, so I can get insight to their writing process and style). It’s one of the reasons “Olivia” is what I would name a daughter, if I had one.

But that is just partially why I am sharing this. The main reason is this addendum from the article’s author:

“Think about this: the anti-vaccine movement is telling you they would rather risk the death of their child rather than an unbelievable longshot – even in their own, non-scientifically supported view – of autism. Even those who believe that vaccines=autism acknowledge that in their fever dream of non-science that the impact is a small percentage. But that small percentage is so scary to them that their child’s death is OK to avoid the risk of autism. Talk about a stigma to put on those with autism.”
Roald Dahl’s Heartbreaking Take on Vaccines

Talk about a stigma to put on those with autism indeed. Every time I read someone yelling online about their autistic angel who was “stolen” from them by vaccines or kids with “vaccine damage” (usually code for autism)… I have to wonder if being like me is so terrible that these parents would rather their children be dead? Or not exist at all? Am I really that scary? Is my existence really that worrisome?

Maybe a parent can spin this in the comments enough for me to understand. Because I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it.