Scott Weiland

As the biological daughter of someone who drank himself to death at the age of 35 (coincidentally, the age I turn in a few months) and was entirely denied his presence because of that addiction… I implore you to read this.

Addiction is a disease which affects more than just the addict themselves… it wholly affects everyone in their life. There are many types of addiction and none of them are positive or productive.

I self-medicated with alcohol (and other things) when I was younger and damaged my body in doing so. I made bad decisions, poor choices. They affected not only me, but those in my life. Once I realized the path I was going down was the same one I vowed not to follow as a kid, I quit self-medicating. This threw me into a tizzy for several years and I couldn’t regulate all too well. I continued to make not-so-great decisions, less-than-spectacular choices.

Therapy helped immensely and Celexa kicked things into a higher gear. I now fully understand why I made those decisions and choices. I endeavor to do better, not just for my sake, but for those around me.

I wish Scott Weiland, someone whose music I have loved for more than two decades, had been able to recognize the wisdom in changing his path for the sake of his children. As a fan, I would have gladly given up the last twenty-plus years of music, if those children could have their father present and healthy. Such a waste.

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