OUTSIDE READING – 7 Reasons To Stop Calling Disabled People Inspirational


Stop posting inspiration porn; all your feel-good news stories about how a team came together to allow a disabled kid to make the last basket during the game or the head cheerleader accompanied the disabled boy to prom or the community came together to show up at an 11-year old stranger’s birthday party, because he allegedly has no friends. Stop writing songs about autistic people being in “a prison” & needing to be “healed” because you feel sorry for their parents and your name is Johnny Orr and you’re a huge douchebag.

Just stop. Seriously.

“We don’t need you to be our cheerleaders, telling us that we’re doing a good job existing. Most of you have no idea what we’ve been through or accomplished, so it’s insulting that you would belittle our lives based on superficial judgments.

Unless the disabled person is your close friend, avoid calling disabled adult inspirational altogether. I know you think you’re doing a nice thing, but it only makes you look ignorant.”

– 7 Reasons To Stop Calling Disabled People Inspirational