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Let’s Play “How Autistic Are You?” (Or Not)

This is something I posted on my personal Facebook page, two years ago today, and felt was worth sharing with the world at large, because hey… something to think about when interacting with autistic folks in your life (or in general). If you ever want to call me out for being not autistic enough to […]

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Birthday Cards Won’t Save the World

This is likely the most disjointed thing I’ve written in a while, but I am so absolutely livid… if I go back and try to edit, I’m going to get more angry, so please forgive the lack of eloquence and use of caps…   DO NOT SEND BIRTHDAY CARDS TO PEOPLE TO WHOSE BIRTHDAY PARTIES […]

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Who Cares if He Treats His Son Badly… I LIKE HIM!

Recently, a certain Facebook page run by an autism parent requested their followers to list Facebook pages run by autistic people and, as I expected from the followers of someone who compares themselves to a superhero in their blog/Facebook title, the majority of suggestions were pages run by parents, co-run with parents, and/or shiny aspie stuff. One […]

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State of the Giraffe; March 2016 Edition

I posted this on my personal Facebook page, a few minutes ago. I figured I would share here, to give y’all some insight into where I am and that things aren’t always peaches & cream… It’s no secret my anxiety levels have been higher than usual lately… and that’s saying something, since my anxiety levels have […]

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I don’t like linking to pages which include “Aspie” in the title because y’all know how I feel about that word, but this is a good takedown of an article recently published in the New Yorker which has the following within it:   “For parents of autistic kids, awareness is desperately important. It’s a searing […]

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Mutual Appreciation Society

Today, Diary of a Mom published a letter she wrote to me. It’s just as positively overwhelming reading it a second time, especially now that it’s out in the world. Yesterday, Jess asked if she could send me a letter she wrote for me, because she wanted to post it publicly, but not without my permission. […]

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OUTSIDE READING: Why Can’t We All Get Along?!?

A fantastic follow-up read to my blog post from earlier… Leah gets it. We can’t get along if you’re exploiting your child’s diagnosis to further your overdramatic egotistical ploy for a pity party. Check your feelings at the door. Let’s work together to get your kid on a fulfilling and happy pathway to success, whatever success […]

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OUTSIDE READING: 10 ‘Autism Interventions’ for Families Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm

THIS ARTICLE IS SO WONDERFULLY ACCURATE!!! And in the comments on the Respectfully Connected FB post, Bri from RC elaborated on number 9: “# 9 recommends critically thinking about whether we would ask a non-autistic child to engage in this therapy. If the answer is no, it is a good indicator that we should think carefully about […]

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OUTSIDE READING: 9 Autism Facts the Presidential Candidates (And You) Need to Know

Thanks to Mashable for publishing this very on-point and necessary breakdown of things the public should know. And kudos to Julia Bascom from The Autistic Self Advocacy Network for helping explain things the way they should be explained. Please share this article to spread the word, lest more misinformation take hold in the minds of the general public.

How Not to Awareness

If you are a parent who is creating an “awareness” campaign and you decide you don’t want to involve autistic people… stop. Don’t do that thing you want to do. You don’t get to speak about us, without us. And awareness… what a joke. Let’s not, shall we? Education is what you want to focus […]

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