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OUTSIDE READING: Why Adults Get a Pass When Kids Don’t

“What neurodivergent kids are really learning when we call events expected and unexpected is what we neurotypicals find comfortable and pleasing and what we find uncomfortable and displeasing. Unexpected language patterns are ‘non-functional’ because they are not goal-oriented, they don’t accomplish a task. How boring.” – “Functional language,” shoes, and why adults get a pass when […]

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OUTSIDE READING: What Will I Gain From Being Diagnosed Later in Life?

For those wondering what you may gain from receiving a diagnosis as an adult (specifically as an adult female), this article may be a good read for you… Autism – What will I gain from being diagnosed later in life? It won’t change anything for me, so why should I bother?

Double Standards

“There is a huge double standard when it comes to how we talk about Autistic people. When we refuse to judge parents who harm their children emotionally, yet harshly judge Autistic people who speak out against this type of treatment, what exactly are we telling the world about Autistic lives?” – Parenting Autistic Children with Love […]

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Internalized Ableism Doesn’t Mean You Truly Want a “Cure”

“Prejudice against such minorities, he says, does not usually limit their abilities to find love or friends. His deficits, he explains, are social. He’s tried to make friends and interact in person more (for example, he’s joined support groups for people with depression, and another for people on the autism spectrum), but the crippling loneliness […]

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