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Birthday Cards Won’t Save the World

This is likely the most disjointed thing I’ve written in a while, but I am so absolutely livid… if I go back and try to edit, I’m going to get more angry, so please forgive the lack of eloquence and use of caps…   DO NOT SEND BIRTHDAY CARDS TO PEOPLE TO WHOSE BIRTHDAY PARTIES […]

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I don’t like linking to pages which include “Aspie” in the title because y’all know how I feel about that word, but this is a good takedown of an article recently published in the New Yorker which has the following within it:   “For parents of autistic kids, awareness is desperately important. It’s a searing […]

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Public Parenting… You’re Doing It Wrong

When you post memes which say: “Imagine being a therapist… living with your anxious clients. Always on call. They can knock on your bedroom door at any given moment. They have your private cell phone number when you leave the office. You are the one person in the world they trust with all of their secrets […]

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Consent is Crucial

Consent is so enormously important. I have such little control over most things in my life that I relish every little bit over which I do have control. When someone removes my ability to make decisions for myself, it feels like a major violation of my very existence… deeper than many people likely feel in […]

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John Waters Commencement Speech

There’s a lot I could quote from this video, but it’s ALL worth watching/reading (and being John Waters, you bet your ass it’s delightfully NSFW). This is the most relevant – I feel – to what I partially hope to accomplish with Giraffe Party… “And, parents, vice-versa: You don’t get to order up your kids, either. […]

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You Do Not Own Your Daughter

Getting really tired of seeing this meme. How about you teach your daughter that her self-respect and education are the top priority in her life? Teach her that fashion is one thing, respecting her body and mind is another. Social interaction with boys is fine. Teaching her to have self-respect and the power of will […]

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OUTSIDE READING: What Will I Gain From Being Diagnosed Later in Life?

For those wondering what you may gain from receiving a diagnosis as an adult (specifically as an adult female), this article may be a good read for you… Autism – What will I gain from being diagnosed later in life? It won’t change anything for me, so why should I bother?