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Let’s Play “How Autistic Are You?” (Or Not)

This is something I posted on my personal Facebook page, two years ago today, and felt was worth sharing with the world at large, because hey… something to think about when interacting with autistic folks in your life (or in general). If you ever want to call me out for being not autistic enough to […]

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I Am Not a Taco Sauce

Wrote this as a reply to a comment on a friend’s FB page, but it could do with repeating to the general public: “…autism doesn’t come in condiment varieties (i.e. mild, etc.). Autistic is autistic. Saying someone is ‘mildly’ autistic is misinforming, because the spectrum isn’t a scale… it’s a spectrum. We can exhibit different […]

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Can We Please Stop “Aspie”-ing Now?

In a Psychology Today article published earlier today, John Elder Robison, published a story regarding downright despicable revelations about Hans Asperger. “I had some doubts about Asperger’s kindness already. Several years ago, in my role on government autism committees, I listened to allegations of all the ‘new things’ that were appearing in autistic kids. In […]

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OUTSIDE READING: Is Everyone “a Little Autistic”?

“If everyone were a little bit autistic, Salvation Army bell ringers would be illegal. If everyone were a little bit autistic, nothing ever would have strobe lights. Ever. Fluorescent lights, sirens, shirt tags, sock seams — these wouldn’t exist. There would be a strong social taboo against dragging a chair across the floor and making […]

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OUTSIDE READING: Is a ‘Spectrum’ the Best Way to Talk About Autism?

This is a REALLY, REALLY good read on why I tend to lash out at people who insist on using the “spectrum” as a linear way to classify autistic people. Nope. Doesn’t work that way. And this does a pretty solid job explaining why. “If I tell people that I have two autistic brothers, I […]

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OUTSIDE READING: 9 Autism Facts the Presidential Candidates (And You) Need to Know

Thanks to Mashable for publishing this very on-point and necessary breakdown of things the public should know. And kudos to Julia Bascom from The Autistic Self Advocacy Network for helping explain things the way they should be explained. Please share this article to spread the word, lest more misinformation take hold in the minds of the general public.

OUTSIDE READING: What Will I Gain From Being Diagnosed Later in Life?

For those wondering what you may gain from receiving a diagnosis as an adult (specifically as an adult female), this article may be a good read for you… Autism – What will I gain from being diagnosed later in life? It won’t change anything for me, so why should I bother?

OUTSIDE READING – The Media Has It Wrong About Autism And PTSD

“I do want to talk about one thing in this story that is often ignored. PTSD and autism are a real problem, but not because of what we do to our parents, but because of every Autistic adult I know, including myself, I don’t know one that does not have PTSD due to being treated […]

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