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OUTSIDE READING: ASAN Statement On JRC At Association for Behavior Analysis International Conference

And people wonder why so many autistic folks say NO to ABA therapy… “The Autistic Self Advocacy Network strongly condemns the Association for Behavior Analysis International for their decision to feature the Judge Rotenberg Center at their 2015 annual conference. The Judge Rotenberg Center, which uses contingent electric shock to modify the behavior of disabled […]

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OUTSIDE READING – Just Say No to the Judge Rotenberg Center

“But, Giraffe Party, why don’t you like Autism Speaks? You have the autism. They help you!” That’s an almost direct quote. No, I don’t have “the autism” but I am autistic. No, I don’t support Autism Speaks, but they don’t support me, either. You know who they do support? The Judge Rotenberg Center. Amongst a […]

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