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We Will Get Rid of Bullying

Saw a meme on a friend’s Facebook today. Disagreed strongly with it. Fixed it. My edits are in red and include the words over the actual photo. The original meme stated: “We will never get rid of bullying / We should teach kids how to stand up for themselves instead of wearing pink ribbons and […]

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OUTSIDE READING: 10 Things Autistic Kids Pick Up Quicker When Not Bullied

“As an educator, I’d like to say this: Why in corn’s name are you waiting for a child to be abused by their peers in order to ‘promote social justice, tolerance, respect, and acceptance’? The time for that promotion is all the time, no matter who is or is not in your current classroom. If […]

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OUTSIDE READING – Why I Will Never Use a Behavior Chart Again

“Some… are battling their own bodies for control each day, some are coming from homes so broken and troubled it’s just astounding, and many are simply neglected and left to be raised by siblings or television. I really had to stop and realize that my wishes for their classroom behavior were superseded by their own […]

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