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Sometimes a Little Right Isn’t Enough

For everyone wanting to rave about how wonderful Sesame Street is for creating an autistic muppet… they haven’t. They created a cartoon character and a bunch of videos pushing a mostly negative agenda. Please read this write-up of the materials and why Sesame Street needs to start over with this initiative. Sometime a little right […]

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OUTSIDE READING: 9 Autism Facts the Presidential Candidates (And You) Need to Know

Thanks to Mashable for publishing this very on-point and necessary breakdown of things the public should know. And kudos to Julia Bascom from The Autistic Self Advocacy Network for helping explain things the way they should be explained. Please share this article to spread the word, lest more misinformation take hold in the minds of the general public.

OUTSIDE READING: Why Adults Get a Pass When Kids Don’t

“What neurodivergent kids are really learning when we call events expected and unexpected is what we neurotypicals find comfortable and pleasing and what we find uncomfortable and displeasing. Unexpected language patterns are ‘non-functional’ because they are not goal-oriented, they don’t accomplish a task. How boring.” – “Functional language,” shoes, and why adults get a pass when […]

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At My Expense

I know this is frequently what goes through my friends’ heads: “Wah wah wah… you talk about autism/anxiety/OCD/depression too much!” But hey, it’s totally okay for everyone else to be self-deprecating at my expense. Nah, it’s cool. You go ahead and exploit my daily reality, some of which I struggle – hard – with just […]

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OUTSIDE READING – Not On My Wall… Boundaries and Entitlement

“I have even seen some parents come into the space of an Autistic person, someone with lived experience – and when it has been explained that ‘Light it up Blue’ and ‘Puzzle Pieces’ and ‘Awareness’ are offensive and even triggering, these same people have continued to defend their position. What if instead of insisting their […]

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Autism Speaks Does Not Speak For Me

This chart is not the main reason I ask you to stop supporting Autism Speaks, but it’s a pretty big one. And those science grants/awards? A large portion of them go toward eugenics studies. As in… how to prevent people like me from being born in the future. This is the view Autism Speaks takes: I […]

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Double Standards

“There is a huge double standard when it comes to how we talk about Autistic people. When we refuse to judge parents who harm their children emotionally, yet harshly judge Autistic people who speak out against this type of treatment, what exactly are we telling the world about Autistic lives?” – Parenting Autistic Children with Love […]

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Internalized Ableism Doesn’t Mean You Truly Want a “Cure”

“Prejudice against such minorities, he says, does not usually limit their abilities to find love or friends. His deficits, he explains, are social. He’s tried to make friends and interact in person more (for example, he’s joined support groups for people with depression, and another for people on the autism spectrum), but the crippling loneliness […]

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OUTSIDE READING – The Media Has It Wrong About Autism And PTSD

“I do want to talk about one thing in this story that is often ignored. PTSD and autism are a real problem, but not because of what we do to our parents, but because of every Autistic adult I know, including myself, I don’t know one that does not have PTSD due to being treated […]

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PARENT QUESTION: Why “Attack” Autism Parents For Saying Parenting is Hard?

A reader posed an interesting question to me earlier this morning, in a comment thread on a previous post. “No one gets mad at NT parents when they say this is hard or when their child struggles with something and so they have to give extra attention to them to resolve the issue. Why attack […]

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