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OUTSIDE READING: 9 Autism Facts the Presidential Candidates (And You) Need to Know

Thanks to Mashable for publishing this very on-point and necessary breakdown of things the public should know. And kudos to Julia Bascom from The Autistic Self Advocacy Network for helping explain things the way they should be explained. Please share this article to spread the word, lest more misinformation take hold in the minds of the general public.

Roald Dahl on Vaccines

Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors, with “The BFG” being my favorite chapter book for kids (amongst his many other works; even his writing for adults is superb). I’ve known this information about his daughter, Olivia, for as long as I can remember (I tend to read up on the background of my […]

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OUTSIDE READING – To Protect His Son, A Father Asks School To Bar Unvaccinated Children

“Krawitt has been speaking up about vaccination for a long time now. He told me about going to a parent meeting at his daughter’s school just before the start of the school year, where a staff member reminded parents not to send peanut products to school, since a child or children had an allergy. ‘It’s […]

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