OUTSIDE READING: 10 Things Autistic Kids Pick Up Quicker When Not Bullied

“As an educator, I’d like to say this: Why in corn’s name are you waiting for a child to be abused by their peers in order to ‘promote social justice, tolerance, respect, and acceptance’? The time for that promotion is all the time, no matter who is or is not in your current classroom. If you wait until after your kids have already picked up on your lack of these basic expectations and started bullying one of their peers, your students will know that your new social justice initiative is so much horses–t.”

“What good is empathy and compassion if childhood trauma prevents you from using it? Besides, studies show that abused children are more likely to become abusers themselves. Why the hell are you taking that risk with your child? Being bullied is THE WORST way to have to learn compassion.”

– Ten Things Autistic Kids Pick Up Faster, Better, and With Less Trauma If They Aren’t Bullied Into Learning Them