OUTSIDE READING – To Protect His Son, A Father Asks School To Bar Unvaccinated Children

“Krawitt has been speaking up about vaccination for a long time now. He told me about going to a parent meeting at his daughter’s school just before the start of the school year, where a staff member reminded parents not to send peanut products to school, since a child or children had an allergy. ‘It’s really important your kids don’t bring peanuts, because kids can die,’ Krawitt recalls the group being told.

The irony was not lost on him. He told me he immediately responded, ‘In the interest of the health and safety of our children, can we have the assurance that all the kids at our school are immunized?’

He found out later from a friend that other parents who were present were ‘mad that you asked the question, because they don’t immunize their kids.'”

– http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/01/27/381888697/to-protect-his-son-a-father-asks-school-to-bar-unvaccinated-children