We Will Get Rid of Bullying

Saw a meme on a friend’s Facebook today. Disagreed strongly with it. Fixed it. My edits are in red and include the words over the actual photo.

The original meme stated: “We will never get rid of bullying / We should teach kids how to stand up for themselves instead of wearing pink ribbons and passing anti bullying laws to create a society of victims.”

I crossed out “never” and the second line. I added: “I stuck up for myself… and got even more damaged in the process. There’s a potentially happy medium… a grey area between demanding administrators get more involved and teaching children about confidence. It’s not so much about teaching self-confidence to those who would be bullied (yes, important)… it’s about teaching compassion & confidence in showing that compassion to those who would be bullies.”

You want to end the society of victims? Stop allowing oppressors to create victims. Treat the cause, not the symptom.