OUTSIDE READING: Why Can’t We All Get Along?!?

A fantastic follow-up read to my blog post from earlier… Leah gets it.

We can’t get along if you’re exploiting your child’s diagnosis to further your overdramatic egotistical ploy for a pity party. Check your feelings at the door. Let’s work together to get your kid on a fulfilling and happy pathway to success, whatever success may be for them as an individual. If you can’t check those feelings and drop the ego… then you’re making it about you, not your child. So just stop.

Within disabilities communities there is an enormous problem related to power withgroups and individuals that claim to be working to advocate for or support Autistic people, very often (too often) without including their voices.

And part of the difficulty is that this imbalance of power perpetuates itself and insulates itself with what I can only imagine is a threatened or fear-based reaction.
– Why Can’t We All Get Along?!?, 30 Days of Autism